New Club Up To Par, Promotes Friendship


Junior Henry Allen shows off his stroke in the hallway.

Sam Griffin, staff writer

One of the things Central is known for its wide array of unique sports and clubs. One that most people probably don’t know about is the Disc Golf Club.

In fact, most people probably don’t even know what disc golf is, but there’s a sizable group here who participate in it.

Disc golf is a sport where players try to take the least amount of strokes (the amount of times they throw the disc), until they hit the caged target at the end of each “hole.”

Disc golf is one of the many small sports that is on the rise in the U.S.

Parks and courses can be found all around Little Rock, including Burns Park, Reservoir Park, and Morehart Park.

The head of the club is junior Henry Allen, and they’re purely a recreational team.

They don’t meet that often, however that’s just as a group. On their own, all the members of the group like to play at their respective parks often throughout the week.

“We meet about once a month,” junior Logan Estes said. “But I probably play about two or three times a week on my own.”

Like most sports, it’s also a major social event for them. It’s not about just hitting hole-in-ones and making long putts.

“My favorite part is just spending time with friends,” Estes said.

Disc golf is just another social sport that’s on the up and up at Central and in America, and our students here that are involved seem to love it.