New, Fun-Loving Teacher Embraced By Students


Biology teacher Rachel Norris shows of a cow heart that can be found in the closet behind her room.

Annie Simon, staff writer

The field is lit, and the game is about to start. A Ghostbusters themed car is driven onto the field. Clad in the standard grey jumpsuits, the team, including biology and chemistry teacher Rachel Norris, piles out of the car, and plays a game of kickball that leads them to first place in their championship.

Rachel Norris, now dressed in a simple dress and flats, daily takes on a monstrous challenge of a different sort- teaching biology to the students of Central. She is drawn to the bizarre and gross nature of what you can learn about biology. All of what can be learned makes the world so beautiful, Norris said.

“I am constantly fascinated by how the world works and how very small microscopic pieces dictate so much about our daily lives,” Norris said.

Norris has been involved in two butterfly labs. One of the labs was at UALR studied male Monarch butterflies’ feeding habits. She also researched the evolutionary implications of butterflies’ migratory patterns at Boston University.

“I love watching students discover something new and begin to enjoy science the way I do,” Norris said. “It’s fun to be around curious minds who are learning about the world, because it helps me continue to grow and learn new things.”

Even though she has only been teaching here for a month, Norris’ students can already tell she is a great addition to the teaching staff.

“Central is a very historical school, and I know that I wanted to be a part of that history and be a teacher who could be a part of the change at LRSD,” Norris said.

One of her students, Makenna Whittington believes that she is a great addition to the staff.

“Ms. Norris comes to class super energetic every day,” Makenna said, “and it makes her class more enjoyable.”