Ducks, Drama, Children Complete Students’ Summers


Louisa Utley, staff writer

Tigers participated in variety of summer activities, such as Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS), going on mission trips, working jobs, and enjoying the seaside.

Senior Hannah Cozart attended Arkansas Governor’s School, a six-week long program at Hendrix College where rising seniors attend classes based on their interests and hobbies. She spent the majority of her six weeks working in the drama department.

“I went to drama two times every day Monday through Friday, and once a day on Saturday, and I had two other classes that alternated every other day. They were called Area two and Area three (classes). Area two was ethics, and Area three was intrapersonal and interpersonal communications, but my favorite part was being able to do drama more often,” Hannah said.

When she was not doing drama, Hannah spent her time at AGS participating in lectures, watching educational films, and listening to music.

“A couple of times there was an indie music club where some people got together and shared music that maybe wouldn’t be on the radio,” Hannah said.

Senior Lilly Berry spent her time off from school at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where she swam, tanned, and gave back to the community on a weeklong mission trip.

“I worked with Ransom Café and helped homeless people,” Lilly said.

The Ransom Café is a Christian affiliated, non-profit organization that helps people overcome poverty. The organization provides meals for homeless people, and is funded entirely through donations. The Ransom Café operates throughout churches the Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama. The owners of The Ransom Café also coordinated a back-yard Bible club in a low-income neighborhood where children come and play games, as well as learned mini- lessons about Christianity. Lilly and her youth group were able to meet some of the kids.

“It really made me put my life into perspective and made me realize how lucky I am. It also made me see people in a different light, knowing that everyone has a different story. I love doing charity work and (I) went to a neighborhood to play with these kids. They were all so happy all the time, even though they didn’t have much. They inspired me to keep smiling no matter what,” Lilly said.

Senior Brogeon Walraven spent her summer a little differently from Lilly and Hannah. She worked at First Capital Residential, a real estate management firm, as an account payable clerk over the summer. Brogeon reviewed and handled paperwork regarding real estate sales. Brogeon also took ownership of her boyfriend’s ducks named Fireball and Lil’Mama. Fireball is a brown duck and Lil’Mama is a slightly larger Mallard duck, and the animals reside, along with five horses, on Brogeon’s farm in Cabot.