Students Share Opinions On Trump Win


photo by Julian Lapicz

Freshmen Wesley Fox and Jesus Gonzalez express their malcontent with the results of the presidential election.

Alex Pickell, online editor

Donald Trump managed to rack up the minimum 270 electoral votes on election night Tuesday, making him the President-Elect to the United States. The Tiger went out today to see what the students of Central were feeling in the aftermath of his win, and they shared their hopes and fears about the coming Trump Presidency.

“I’m nervous, scared for other citizens of America and myself. I’m curious to see how it plays out,” freshman Molly Cash said.

“Very surprising,” senior Andrew He said.

“I was pretty upset. He shouldn’t be president. How could you let a racist win? He’s sexist,” junior Jamera Adams said.

“I’m excited,” sophomore Destiny Mcbride said.

“I’m worried- not because I think his policies are going to pass- but because it’s demoralizing the fact that we elected him. But it’s just one man,” senior Kate Walters said.

“I was surprised,” senior Camy Burgess said.

“It’s whatever, because either way we were doomed from the beginning,” junior Miresha Coley said.

“I was a Hillary Fellow, so I was really hoping she would win. I was so upset. I cried for 3 hours, and I’m really depressed right now,” junior Katharine Edwards.

“[I am] angry, disappointed, agitated. Loss of hope,” freshman Jermain Taylor said.

“I don’t think it’s going to be the end of the world,” senior Knight Kennedy said.

“I found out through Instagram this morning. [I am] concerned and scared. He doesn’t seem presidential,” freshman Caroline Bryant said.

“I’m feeling neutral. I really didn’t care,” sophomore Demarcus Yancy said.