Class Opens Door To Criminal Law Careers, Interests Students


Tania Royster, staff writer

With the new school year come new classes. Social studies teacher Mary Fleming introduces the new elective Street Law. The new class teaches students’ the various aspects of the Criminal justice system, political science and the complete legal system. In this semester course students study the constitution, amendments and rights more in depth than a typical social studies class.

“I studied Criminal Justice in Undergrad, and I absolutely loved my major. There was something about Crime Scene Investigation, Legal Systems and Corrections. There was no Criminal Justice class offered at Central when I first got here, but I read that Street Law was a viable course,” said Fleming. Two years later the course is offered here at Central.

The class teaches everything from credit card laws to intensive case studies that look at Supreme Court decisions. It acts as a discussion course instead of regular out of the book learning. Most students enjoy the classes’ honesty and uniqueness versus other social studies courses.

“Most social classes tell you what you want to hear, but Street Law tells you what you need to hear,” Senior Kaija Dye said.

Students also look forward to applying their knowledge to everyday problems and knowledge

“I want to understand the police and laws better so when I’m older and as a teen now I can know how to abide by them,” Junior Kajuan Richardson said.

As the semester goes on Fleming plans many intensive and educational activities for the students including guest speakers and other lessons.

“Guest speakers are a big component of this course, because it allows me to bring in people with firsthand knowledge about particular issues,” Fleming said. “We will also do a mock trial, Supreme Court Case Analysis, role-playing, and listen to numerous guest speakers.”

In the next few weeks the students intend on welcoming criminal law attorney and the coroner, Steve Nawojczyk, from the “Banging in Little Rock” film. Banging in Little Rock is a documentary made in 1994 outlining the violence throughout the city at that time.

The course is offered to all students but mostly attracts students leaning toward criminal justice careers. The class offers vital skills that students find important to know in their life.

“The class is a great class for everyone. All grades, genders and teens should have a chance to take the class,” Junior Jamera Adams-Daniels said. “Its fun and just a great experience.”