Teachers Share Guilty Pleasures, Baseball Treasures


photo by Julian Lapicz

One for the books: U.S. History teacher Chuck West sports his Cubs jersey following the Chicago-based team’s win at the World Series.

Aashna Farishta, staff writer

Choir teacher Scott Whitfield and U.S. History teacher Chuck West show signs of extreme ‘cubbing’. Both teachers are major fans of Chicago’s baseball team, the Cubs.

Thirty six years ago, West saw the Cubs play on T.V., and he has been a fan ever since. Whitfield became a fan 21 years ago when he went to his first Cubs game. His mother grew up in Chicago, and his grandfather drove a commuter bus into Chicago everyday, which made him love the area and enjoy the traditions that are a part of Chicago.

“It was a minor league Cubs game in Memphis, and it was the first time I really ever got to know my wife,” West said. “The first time I held my wife’s hand was at that game, that was my best memory of the Cubs.”

The best Cubs memory for Whitfield was going to Wrigley Field with his sons. They have taken the train to Chicago and gone to games together several times.

West and Whitfield have different ways of celebrating the Cubs’ victories. If it’s a home game win, West’s wife sings and he puts up the W flag. Whitfield sings along with the ‘Go Cubs, Go’ song, he even has it on his phone.

When they lose, both Whitfield and West do the same thing; they cuss a whole lot. West covers up the Cardinal magnet he has, and Whitfield sadly curses the goat.

Deep down, West isn’t superstitious, but he thinks baseball is a very superstitious sport. He tries only to wear the home hat when they play at home and the visitors hat when they are playing an away game. He has certain mugs he drinks out of, and he tries not to jinx the win.

West and Whitfield share a deep love for the Cubs and they have both made long, lasting memories and relationships because of this historical team.