Smokepurpp Rises After Successful Album Release

SmokePurpp’s freshman album titled Deadstar is long awaited by fans.

SmokePurpp’s freshman album titled “Deadstar” is long awaited by fans.

With a loyal fanbase built through his music on Soundcloud, Smokepurpp, a 20-year-old rapper from Miami, finally dropped his long awaited debut album, Deadstar. Dark bass filled beats from well-known producers like TM88 and Ronny J allow Smokepurpp to seamlessly flow on the beats with repetitive simple rhymes. Also boosting Deadstar’s hype is the collection of features of well known artists like Travis Scott, Chief Keef, Yo Gotti, Juicy j, and DRAM on the album

Clearly though, the highlight of Purpp’s album and success are the beats on which he raps that bring life to his sometimes monotone voice and repetitive lyrics. In “Fingers Blue” featuring Travis Scott, Ronnie J brings the song alive with a thumping deep bass-filled beat, bringing Purpp’s and Scott’s lyrics to life and making it to be one of the best songs on the album.

Smokepurpp did not break down any barriers or test himself much lyrically, but he executed his style of “ignorant” rap for which he and rapper Lil Pump have become very well known. This makes for an album full of music that is very one dimensional; however, Purpp makes the most of talent available to him by incorporating features with artists who have experienced years of success, ultimately leading to a new album full of hits.