Central Stays Hydrated, Installs New Water Fountain


Sarah Gornatti

The new water fountain is located on the second floor and has the ability to refill water bottles.

This school is famous, but it definitely isn’t because of the water fountain quality. With each water fountain having a completely different temperature and pressure, finding good water is quite the challenge. The fourth floor has extremely cold water, but to get more of an ounce of it in your water bottle is nearly impossible. Even the average trajectory of a water fountain into a water bottle doesn’t guarantee a complete refill. 

Arkansas Children’s Hospital generously donated two new water fountains to the school, and installation of the new water fountains on the second floor and in the cafeteria ring in a new age of innovation. The fountains have not only the stylings of normal water fountains, but an additional area made specifically for water bottles. All students have to do is press a button until their water bottle is filled to the desirable amount.

Senior Nicole Halina stresses the need for such water fountains around the school.

“I love the new water fountain because it’s so eco-friendly. It’s like anybody can go and fill up their water bottle which, I feel, encourages students to bring water bottles to school,” Halina said.

Not only are the new water fountains eco-friendly, it’s extremely convenient for students.

“The old water fountains were kind of gross because you never know how many people have put their mouths right on the spout. So the new water fountains eliminate that fear and make it much easier for me to fill up my water bottle,” Halina said.  

So whenever you get the chance, head down to the second floor by the girls bathroom or the cafeteria and test out these new water fountains!