Ping Pong Club: Central’s Favorite Pastime


Alisha Majeed

President Thomas Lu, Senior Representative Abe Wardlaw, and Vice President Ann Zahn present medals to the winners of the club’s ugly sweater contest. “We had a first, a second, and a third place, all with prizes. It made me feel really good to award those prizes,” Wardlaw said.

Red and black paddles are strewn across the floor. Long tables with nets stretched across their centers line the inside of the cafeteria. The sounds of tiny balls clinking against paddles fills the air. Ping-pong Club is in session.

Though the club is centered around the age-old sport of ping pong, club president and senior Thomas Lu said the club is for students of all skill levels. 

“We tried to do a lot last year with breaking people up skillswise,” Lu said. “But we figured out that simplicity is the best way to go about it. We set the tables and let people sort themselves out and find where they need to be and it always works itself out.”

Though Lu reinstated the club last year, his older brother was president of the “historic” club years before.

“My brother was president when I was a freshman and then COVID happened. It kind of died,” Lu said. “Last year, one of my goals was to restart the club.”

Among other things, Lu highlights the casual nature of the club and encourages all to join.

“It’s really a lot of different people. That’s one of the main draws for the club for me: it’s laid back,” Lu said. “We don’t require hours or fees. Just show up and play ping pong.”

That attitude is echoed by other members of the club.

“[The club] is very lighthearted and fun. You just get to hang out with your friends,” freshman member Caroline Baker said. “The past few times we’ve just died laughing. That’s my favorite part of it.”

During Tiger Academy, she and her friends decided to join the club. She says being with her friends is one of the biggest reasons she attends.

“I’d recommend this club 100%. It’s a very fun community,” Baker said. “It makes it more enjoyable if your friends do it.”