New Construction Underway

If you’ve driven past Quigley Stadium recently, you might have noticed a crumbling concrete wall, chain link fence, and an army of construction vehicles. Last month, new portable classrooms were delivered to campus and assembled in the junior parking lot. This will accommodate the construction of a new science building where the portables are currently located. Parking was shifted to the baseball field, which has been paved with gravel and painted with new lines to create a 215-vehicle lot for students. Additionally, renovations are planned for athletic facilities and the auditorium. 

In preparation for the new building, teachers in the portables will relocate their personal items to the newly assembled classrooms between now and the beginning of next year. This process entails transferring teaching materials, filing cabinets, and Smart Boards. Some teachers have already begun preparing for the move.

Kyah Kaufmann



“I’d rather do it sooner than later, so I’ve just been running around collecting my own boxes and packing them up when I can,” math teacher Brandi Bailey, who teaches in Portable 16, said. 

Bailey expressed concerns over her new classroom’s distance from the main building. In an effort to resolve these issues, the new portables will be accompanied by their own restrooms, according to Principal Nancy Rousseau. 

Two additional projects will occur alongside the ongoing construction. The south side of Quigley Stadium will be turned into an athletic facility, and inside the school, Thompson Auditorium will be renovated.

 “This project is particularly exciting considering the seats, which are highly uncomfortable, are also 95 years old, so we’re working for the future to reconfigure the auditorium as well,” Rousseau said. 

This construction is scheduled to finish during the 2024-2025 school year.

Kyah Kaufmann