Busted Brackets Continue to Upset Students


Stuart Leung

A busted bracket.

This year’s NCAA tournament brought so many upsets and underdog victories that there were zero brackets that were picked perfectly.

“My bracket was busted as soon as Virginia lost. I had them winning it all,” junior Ross Kimbrell said.

Many people had Virginia winning the whole tournament, but after their iconic loss to Maryland Baltimore County, most brackets were busted. This year was the first time a number 16 seed had ever beaten a number 1 seed.

“I thought it was a great game; I just had to accept that I was losing the pool with my friends.” Kimbrell joked. “After that I just watched the tournament for the basketball instead of wanting to win.”

This year included many nail biters and close calls as well. Nevada, the number 7 seed in the South came from 14 points down to defeat Texas in overtime. Auburn the number 4 seed in the Midwest narrowly escaped a loss to Charleston. Michigan State only beat Bucknell by 4 points, and number 9 Kansas State barely beat Kentucky in the sweet 16.

By the end it seemed that those who had based their brackets on mascots were the only ones remaining.

“My joking bracket actually came closer to being correct than my serious one did,” Kimbrell said.