MSA Provides Safe Space, Student Support

On Wednesday, September 19th The Muslim Student Association held its first meeting of the year after school in photography teacher Mr. Vaughn’s, to discuss the future plans of the club.

The room was not full, however, the people that were there seemed passionate about their religion and community. Senior Mohsin Sheikh and Senior Salma Abdulrahman are the presidents of the club and both have promising plans for what is to come. They hope to expand the club’s diversity by hosting events and providing volunteer opportunities to not only Muslims, but everyone at Central.

“Being one of the vice president’s of the club, I am responsible for the creative side,” Sophomore Zeina Eltahawy said.

Zeina will be designing the club’s t-shirt, as well as any other creative aspect the club needs, such as stickers and posters. Co-Vice President Lauren Ragar, is a non-Muslim student who is helping with promoting the club to all the students of Central.