GSA Promotes Acceptance of All


“I joined the Gay-Straight Alliance this year because I wanted to be an ally to students who may be going through some struggles with their journey as LGBT teenagers,” Maya said, “My parents are part of the LGBT community, so it’s important for me to be supportive of them and others.” (photo by Lola Simmons)

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a growing and unique club that promotes acceptance of all LGBT+ students that go to Central. The GSA welcomes students of all sexualities, including straight allies who can provide support.

“The purpose of the GSA is to provide a safe place for students to discuss things they might not be able to talk about at home,” co-president Ann Rayburn said.

The club leaders have set up many important events for the upcoming school year. October is Pride Month in Arkansas and Pride Fest is an event held at the Clinton Library that celebrates LGBT people. The GSA plans to create posters and gather a group to march in the parade around downtown.

Additionally, the group plans to have a fall kickback at Allsopp park where they will tie-dye their white t-shirts to be rainbow-colored. Other future events that the club has planned include volunteering at non-profits, including the LGBT teenage shelter known as Lucy’s Place.

The club leaders want all students to know that everyone is welcome to join regardless of sexuality and are looking for new members to be a part of future events.

Officers for this year’s GSA group include presidents Lola Simmons and Ann Rayburn, and junior representative Jennifer Vancleave.