Principal’s Cabinet Unites Seniors Through Community Volunteering

The Principal’s Cabinet was a club established by our principal, Nancy Rousseau, to allow students to help and volunteer for the school and the surrounding community. The club often meets once a month to discuss upcoming volunteer.

This club only allows upcoming seniors to apply at the end of their junior year. Students have to write a short essay and have a 3.0 gpa to apply. This years 2018-2019 Principal’s Cabinet members are:

Abdulrahman, Salma

Anthony, Amori

Arrington, Ashley

Ashford, Amber

Barnett, Karlie

Bhattacharyya, Anusha

Clayton, Catherine

Cooper, Adaja

Crenshaw, Michaela

Cunningham, Abigail

Dandndge, Jamaya

Duncan, Mataya

Felan, Michal

Fisken, Natalie

Francoeur, Sophie

Greenfield, Julia

Gunn, Parker

Guy, Kayla

Hatfield, Meredith

Hiegel, Claire

Horsman, Leila

Hudelson, Sidney

Hutson, Elizabeth

Ippolito, Lelia

Kasten, Kennedy

Khalil, Ali

Lalani, Mahek

Levi, Brania

Li, Zhaoying “Sophie”

Lingo, Sophia

Maris, Patrick “Gage”

Maxson, Andrew

Mayweather, Kennedi

McCormack, Eden

Meghreblian, Micah

Monge, Astrid

Moody, Ella

Myers, Catherine

Nelson, Acacia

Nemobou, Karen

Ning, Kylie

Noor, Taahaa

Oguh, Chisomnazu

Parker, Kierra

Peyton, Nyah

Peyton, John

Plank, Catherine

Rand, Ralynn

Rayburn, Ann

Ronnel, Marilyn

Rose, Julianna

Rumpz, Anna

Runion-Driskel, Rivers

Shirley, Sarah

Simmons, Lola

Snyder, Hope

Song, Jennifer

Sproles, Tommy “Chase”

Tollette, Zia

Wilson, Caroline

Yee, Peyton

Young, Sophia

Yousef, Ramy

Zhang, Jennifer

The first volunteering Principal’s Cabinet did was at Open House in September. Students helped show parents and new students around the school, collected money for the PTSA, and assisted teachers.

“Most of the help that came from open house was by Principal’s Cabinet”, senior Julia Greenfield said. “Almost everyone who is apart of it showed up to help, which really shows how many people are willing to help the school.”

Principal’s Cabinet will continue to help by volunteering for various organizations throughout the month of October.