French Club Prepares for Future Events


This is the french club logo from last year that the members collaborated on to design. This year, they will vote on a new design to put on sweatshirts that reflects the interests of new french club members as well. (photo courtesy of Julia Greenfield)

French club had its first meeting on Friday, Sept. 21. The club is open to those currently taking French classes, and also those who have an interest in French culture. At their first meeting, the French club sponsor, Madame Dokoutchaef, introduced the new president, Julia Greenfield. Julia is a senior who has been active in French club since freshman year. Last year she served as the club’s vice-president. During the meeting, the French club talked about their upcoming field trips, and 80 bites, an event that all language classes at Central participate in and give presentations for. The French club will work all year on their presentation for 80 bites, and it is a main project for the club.