Conspiracy Theory Society Uncovers Mysteries


Officers include president Madeline Wood, co-vice presidents Zia Toilette and Lindsey Yarborough, secretary Mary Jett McLarty, and treasurer Jasmine Sloan. (photo by Emily Caldwell)

Conspiracy theories. Unsolved murder cases. Famous cults.

Learning, discussing, and debating about these are regular occurrences at the Conspiracy Theory Club. The club meets on B day Fridays; first lunch in James Gilson’s room and 2nd lunch in Stanley Pryor’s room. The approximate 40 members involved gather to watch videos and listen to presentations on topics of interest.

“The club is cool because we do something different every time we meet,” president Madeline Wood said.

The club was started just last year half-way through the year after students decided to create an organization of people interested in conspiracy theories and who were willing to talk about them.

“We started off discussing conspiracy theories,” Wood said. “But people began to want to debate whether gravity was real and other theories that would lead nowhere, so we ended up looking into other things like the occult and true crime.”

While information is the club’s main priority, the officers are looking into volunteer opportunities in hopes to expand outside of school.

“We are really excited to kick this club off this year,” secretary Mary Jett McClarty said. “We hope that once we start meeting regularly again and adding things outside of school, then more people will decide to join.”