Baker Shows Love to Students Through Kindness, Snacks


Although Frank Baker continuously smiles in the classroom, he describes himself as a “very private man” when it comes to his personal life. (photo by Emily Caldwell)

As a child, Frank Baker always wanted to teach and decided to pursue that dream when he got a degree in math at UALR.

Although Baker doesn’t have a wife or children and doesn’t communicate much with his siblings, he explains that he really loves children.

“I love the babies,” Baker said. “I love the babies so much.”

Outside of school, Baker’s free time is spent on mostly intellectual activities, such as researching, reading, and writing. His interests also include napping, as well as eating.

“My diet consists of foods I can’t eat,” Baker laughs. He keeps his classroom stocked with snacks that he gives his students, as this is one of his way of “giving back to the community.”

Baker explains that he is also very passionate about music. He loves every kind of music, as long as it has a positive message. Although he doesn’t prefer rap because of its lack of wholesomeness, he fully supports his student who are rappers.

Baker strives to be an honest person and to always treat people with respect. He hopes that his students will learn life lessons from him.

“I want my students to understand the power of ‘no,’” Baker said. “It’s always okay to say ‘no.’”

After retirement, Baker plans include buying a puppy and continuing to volunteer and give back to the community.