Science Teacher Opens Heart for All Students


At the beginning of each school year, physical science teacher Kim Burleson snaps a selfie with each of her ninth grade classes, showing her love for all of her students. (photo courtesy of Kim Burleson)

Physical science teacher Kim Burleson is known by students for her love of the Arkansas Razorbacks, her amazing ability as a storyteller, and her love for every kid who walks into her room. She has been teaching ninth grade physical science for 14 years at Central. Before that, she was an elementary school teacher for seven years, and then worked in the corporate world, but decided to return to teaching.

“I took a pay cut to come back to teaching because I wanted to teach,” Burleson said.

Burleson is in charge of all freshman activities, including the Tiger Academy. In addition, she heads honors convocation and TASC in the afternoons from her homebase on the fourth floor. Last school year, she had shirts made for the Central High K-Hall Crew, a group of teachers who enjoy spending their time at K-Hall and Sons Produce.

“K-Hall’s phone number is in my “Favorites” on my phone since I go there so much,” Burleson said.

In her classroom, Burleson uses storytelling as a way to teach the day’s lesson. Her belief is that students listen when they’re being told a story, so the best way to introduce and explain concepts is through storytelling. Above all, Burleson loves her students and is always there to make sure they not only learn the science lesson, but also a little bit of a life lesson every time they walk into her room.

“I teach because I love it,” Burleson said, “My kids are my family and love every one of them.”