Physical Science Teacher Knits Her Way Into Students’ Hearts


“If I weren’t a full time teacher, I’d probably write books to go along with those [Fiber Arts] classes. Or I’d be an aging rock star.” Mei Travis said. (photo by Bri Fleming)

Chemistry and Earth Science teacher Mei Travis has always had a passion for scientific research and discovery, and hopes to impress that upon her students. Travis came to Central after her daughter attended, she said that it was a plus that it was a nationally famous school as well.

Travis has been teaching at Central for seven years now and absolutely loves it here. But, just as in any other schools, Travis realizes the school has its faults, however her relationships with students and teachers make it worthwhile.

“Central students are a welcome challenge, as our culture here is extremely diverse. Luckily, I work with some of the best teachers in the state. Central offers more courses than I’ve ever seen at any high school.  Our district faces the same challenges that any urban district does, but I’m always impressed by how all students get the support they need to succeed, as well as enjoy their time here,” Travis said.

Among students, Travis a favored teacher. They find her to be relatable, and describe her as optimistic, funny, entertaining, and caring. Travis cherishes the relationships she has with her students; one of the many ways she bonds with her students is by allowing them to come in during lunch and socialize among themselves and with her.

“I open up my room for lunchtime, and I really enjoy the time I get to chat with students as regular people and get to know them.  They provide me with all the interesting stories and keep me in the loop on the latest gossip around school.” Travis said.

When she was a high school, Travis loved school, played orchestra, and graduated 27 in a class of almost 600 kids. Now, as a teacher, many students would be surprised about her extracurricular activities and hobbies. Travis describes herself as “not too shabby” at playing rock-n-roll with drums and writing songs with her acoustic guitar. It may not, however, come as a surprise about her love for the fiber arts. Travis is a sponsor of the Fiber Arts Club, where the focus on knitting and crochet.

“I am passionate about the fiber arts and needlework – knitting, sewing, weaving, etc., and, in fact that is what inspired me to be a science teacher in a roundabout way.  I’ve also been rehearsing with a rock band as of recently, and when I do get around to watching TV, I prefer documentaries over movies, or binge-watching online crafting and cooking courses,” Travis said.

Travis is great teacher who genuinely cares for her work and crafts. With her bubbly persona, it’s not hard to understand why she is popular among students and teachers.

“Teenagers are full of excitement and drama.  I thrive in a diverse and dynamic environment.  Being a high school teacher is never boring, and there is always something fascinating to teach about in science,” Travis said.