Easy ‘Cuffing Season’ Guide Leaves No One Cold This Winter


Teachers Stacey and Leron McAdoo’s love can be described as “good poetry: full of ahhs and snaps, makes you rethink everything you thought you knew, and validates what you’ve always known.” “We met and got married in summer months – apparently our cuffing time is different,” Stacey McAdoo said. (photo by Bri Fleming)

As the weather cools, you might look around and find yourself wondering: Why is everyone boo’d up? It seems like everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by couples, sticking together like glue. Weren’t all of these people single before the fall? How did they get a boo so quick? What’s the deal with all the romance this time of year? Why is everyone engaged? Why is no one holding my hand right now? These are all valid questions, and I’m here to answer them all with one simple explanation: Cuffing season is among us.

Urban dictionary defines the cuffing season as a time “during the fall and winter months [where] people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity cause singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

Sounds like you? Well, you’re not alone. This is an epidemic all across the world (just take a look at your social media feed, the couples are everywhere doing every single seasonally cute activity together, and rubbing it all in our single faces).

If at this point you have come to the realization that you are behind in this trend, and will have to spend the rest of this wonderful season alone, don’t fret any longer–for it is not too late for you to catch up. Save the Data Podcast (@savethedatapodcast) conjured up a handy cuffing season schedule on their Instagram page that will let you in on all the cuffing season festivities.

According to their post, scouting for a cuffing season partner should take place during the entire month of August, drafting in September, and tryouts during October. During this picking process, you have to consider many variables of what you would like from your potential partner. Are they the type to become too emotionally invested? How easy will the transition from cuffing season to single summer season be? Will this person cause drama while you two are together or when you split up? Is this person fun to be around? Do they meet the aesthetic of your Instagram page? Are their hoodies worthy enough to steal? These are just a few of the questions that need to be pondered before jumping into a relationship with the nearest person who smiles at you.

After you have chosen your cuffing partner, it’s time for the PreSeason, taking place in November. The Pre-Season is when you ease your way into the desired routine of the cuffing season. You and your significant other should try to go on a couple of outings and get a feel of the way chemistry works between you two. Enjoying fun, romantic dates together will help to eliminate tension or awkwardness that might have occurred at the beginning of the season.

The time is now; cuffing season will be taking place December through January 15. The best months for cuffing are upon us. To start, everything is Christmas related. You and your partner can binge-watch Christmas movies, go to a holiday parade or light show, build a snow family together, kiss underneath the mistletoe, or any other romantic activity your heart desires.

Then, the time of the year that always comes too soon: the beginning of a new year. This is the time when you realize how handy your cuffing partner comes in to play. While everyone else is scrounging for a last minute date to whatever New Years Eve festivity is going on, you will already be cuddled up with your boo with sparkling grape juice waiting on the countdown. Upon the last second, you will kiss your way into the New Year.

After January 15, the cuffing season is officially over, but the weather is still chilly, and what’s the harm of a little extra time with your cuffing season partner? The cuffing season schedule refers to this time as the Playoffs,  January 16 – February 13. This is where you leave the Christmas holiday behind and move on to prepare for Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love. You want someone to buy you that chocolate gift basket, that giant teddy bear (though you’ll have nowhere to put it), and someone to pay for the big Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ll have to prep for all of these things before the big day, referred to on the cuffing season schedule as The Championship Game (February 14).

Now, after you have gone through the entire season of cuffing, it’s time to start the loosening period. Maybe start answering texts less, stop going on dates as much, or simply just tell your partner the weather is getting hotter, and it’s over. Whatever works best for you. Whatever you do, you have to start getting ready for the single summer season; unless, of course, you have fallen for your cuffing partner, which means you have now moved on to full-on official relationship.

If you have gone through the season and have successfully let loose of your cuffing partner, then enjoy–the single summer when that weather is upon us.