Stay Safe in School: Tips for Staying COVID-Free

  • Wear your mask properly. When wearing a mask, it is important to wear it correctly. Your mask should cover both your nose and mouth. It is also important to make sure that your mask is not too loose or too tight on your face and ears. 
  • Bring a closed-lid water bottle. Make sure that any water bottle or drink you bring closes completely over the part that you drink from. Straws should not be brought to school because of how open they are. Yes, this means no Sonic or Starbucks cups.
  • Bring hand sanitizer. Try to bring your own small bottle of hand sanitizer to use. This will not only help you keep your hands clean, but not sharing hand sanitizer helps further keep you safe. 
  • Follow the arrow signs. Follow all signs in the halls and on the stairways. This will help you stay within social distancing guidelines. 
  • Bring lunch from home if you can. If you have the ability to bring your own lunch to school, do so. This limits the amount of exposure between you and others. If you get lunch from school, they will be in packages that you will pick up, instead of a tray like in the past.
  • Use the picnic tables. Extra picnic tables have been added to the outdoor spaces. Use this space to distance during lunch as much as possible.