COVID-19 Stalls Fall Sports

Central has officially had its first shut down because of COVID-19. As of Sept. 30, the shutdown will last two days. Since then, Mrs. Rousseau stated it will continue until October ninth. In addition to school being shut down, all athletic events and practices have been cancelled.

 “I have a feeling this could be the end of my senior cross country season, which is awful because I was looking forward to having an amazing one,” cross country captain and senior MacKenzie Berndhart said, “I know my teammates were also looking forward to having a great season as well, but most of them have next year. All in all this really stinks, but I will have to keep training on my own.”

The unexpected halt to training has interrupted fall sports including volleyball, football, golf, and cross country. Sports that are currently doing off-season training also had to stop. 

“Because of the school shutdown we’ve had to stop practices. Obviously we would rather be in the gym working out as a team, but we are making the best out of our situation and working out individually,” head manager of the basketball team junior Carson English said.

Ellyson Bradford

             Fall sports are starting to come to an end. With there only being six games left in the volleyball season, one has already been cancelled.

“The volleyball team is a safe environment for everyone on the team. Practice is something I look forward to and I would say the volleyball team was one of the more careful sports teams at Central,” junior Sissy Hornsby said,  “Our coaches enforced wearing masks constantly, and for good reason. We have had no virus-related problems.”

Ellyson Bradford

Football however, is an all contact sport. Masks are not required while playing during the game, but highly encouraged on the sidelines. This policy is not only for Central, but also for opposing teams. 

“I’ll be honest, I don’t really know how this will affect us. I think that this outbreak might set our team back a few weeks, but I think we will be back playing after this quarantine,” one football player said.