Not Your Ordinary Summer

Students find new hobbies and interests to pass time during a global pandemic

Because of COVID-19, this summer was different for everyone. Students had to get creative and find new ways to pass time. Some incorporated different hobbies into their summer routine like reading, cooking, skating, and more.


Staying at home during this pandemic has impacted people mentally and physically. Some people miss going out for their daily coffee run, while others miss the escapism of their house and communicating with their friends, while still others are comfortable in their confined situation. Almost everyone is hurting in some way from this isolation, and it can start to feel terrifying at some point. That’s why individuals are having to find new strategies and amusement sources to fit in with this virus while also staying safe.


These hobbies are gateways to new discoveries and new interests for students. Many people discovered new things that they enjoy and hold a freshly developed passion for during quarantine. They can be activities that you’ve been meaning to explore, things that you’ve never thought of or heard of, or things you’re simply trying out for the need of passing time.


Junior Kealea Graham said, “I started reading more. I got bored of everything else. There’s not much to do when you can’t go out.”


Kealea began to read more books than what she would have normally read had the pandemic not occurred. The pandemic has caused people to lock themselves in their own home environment and has forced them to adapt to this new normal by finding something to accompany their unfamiliar newfound time. This pandemic has also caused people to realize that the things they used to perceive as boring may actually be more entertaining than they originally thought.


“Some of the books I read were more insightful with certain subjects,” Graham said. 


Her newfound discovery through reading is an example of how the pandemic opened doors to an interest that could benefit her academically.


Although students would rather be hanging out with their friends, going on vacation, or experiencing getting a new job, they are unable to because of the pandemic. Students revisited long lost hobbies during this coronavirus quarantine to create a memorable summer for themselves in spite of current world events. 


“I have picked up cooking and doing some paintings and drawing some art,” Junior Makiya Stubbs, said, “I learned how to ride my skateboard, and I’ve been more active outside.” 


A lot of people haven’t had time for hobbies since they were kids, whether because of school, jobs, or simply being busy with other things. Because of this, quarantine gave a lot of people a reason and time to pick up skills they’ve always desired to give a try. This much free time is something students are not used to but are learning to accommodate very quickly into their schedule.


“I would not have picked up these hobbies if a quarantine had not happened, mostly because if the quarantine never happened, I wouldn’t have time for them, and I’d probably just forget about it. So I think quarantine is good to pick up some stuff you always wanted to do or try out,” Stubbs said.