Shrugging in the New Year


It is now the lovely year 2021, except that new year’s cheer seems fairly faint this time around. COVID-19 is putting its personal touches on my life now. My dearest friend tested positive for the disease last week, and I am truly ecstatic that he did not show any symptoms. I only sympathize at the fact that he had to enter complete isolation. By common sense, I took the Coronavirus test after learning of my friend’s results. The test allotted me a feeling of relief, and when I received my negative results, a wave of safety caught up to me. Waves recede, and little has actually changed. Like any other time, there is still school to complete, shifts to take, and hours to fill.

 I have had mixed experiences with COVID all this year. I’ve had teachers with their leniency as long as the West Coast, and I’ve also had to be placed in credit recovery for this semester. It can be a very “case by case” situation. Some teachers, from what I’ve heard from friends, can be far more understanding when it comes to late assignments and bumped-up grades, all while others see no difference between this year and any other. Frankly, I can offer no solution, just the same as anyone who will read this. Everyone is doing the best they can during this unnerving time.

Like school, jobs still require employees. At Hobby Lobby, there’s a decent protection job done by management: plastic lining at every table in the breakroom, mask requirements, and hand sanitizer at every store section for employee and customer use. We hire plenty of older people at Hobby Lobby, so everyone is pretty good about keeping masks on. This past Christmas happened to be our biggest yet. It seems along with toilet paper, water, and paper towels, people really need their Christmas decorations in a pandemic. 

Since the pandemic has been in full stride, I’ve almost felt discounted. Being close with upperclassmen most of high school, I’ve watched them enjoy at least two-thirds of their senior and their junior years safely. Meanwhile, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is to not log into a computer every morning. It is honestly so disconnecting, especially for those who already have a hard time being on top of everything in previous years. Of course, there is no one to blame but the pandemic. The teachers try their hardest to reach out to us, but it just is not what it needs to be. I miss the inside of the school deeply, and it is saddening to think I may never step foot inside again as a student.