‘Black Panther’ More than a Movie, but Start of a Movement


The rest of the year’s upcoming movies have got a huge run for their money. Because, this Black History Month has unveiled to us the highly anticipated gem that is Marvel’s Black Panther movie —which debuted during President’s Day weekend. This movie has come to take all the glory, and its proven to be a tremendous milestone in cinematic history, as it continues to reign superior at the Box Office, and has already grossed an estimated $700 million in global ticket sales.

Since the teaser trailer for the movie was released last summer, this movie has been the center of attention on all social media platforms. The one particular social media group, Black Twitter, took the Black Panther movie under their wings and made sure that the movie was publicized and highlighted to the fullest extent. This was no surprise because Black Panther —being one of the first all black casted superhero movie (actors: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Daniel Kaluuya, and Angela Bassett)—made every Afrocentric movie lovers’ dream come true. The idea of the Black Panther’s technologically advanced African nation, Wakanda, would finally give the black community a positive depiction of African culture submerged in royalty, traditions, culture, technology, excitement, and adventure.

To further show the excitement surrounding the movie in the black community, Black Twitter made many posts asking that everyone should come wearing their best unapologetically black outfits and show out for the movie. During the weekend the movie was released there were many posts showing black moviegoers wearing their best dashikis, tribal makeup, natural hairstyles, and formal outfits. Many others hosted Black Panther movie release parties; it was truly a celebration. But, Black Panther isn’t just an excuse to dress elaborately and celebrate. The Black Panther movie is a start of a movement.

The black influence in this movie is concise; there is no denying that this project was well planned and formatted to be something bigger than a movie. The timing of this movie is also unique, released in steadily increasing tension in our society’s efforts that focus on black lives issues and concerns. One issue in Hollywood has always been inclusion and representation of minority races. Black Panther has already set the standard with this movie for other directors to fall in line and take action to add more people of color. For black people, this movie is an outlet for sharing histories, stories, and culture with the public, giving young people positive role models to look up to in the cinematic world.

From the news of the release date, the Black Twitter fan anticipation surrounding the movie, and the exact opening weekend, Black Panther has certainly lived up to the hype and exceeded all of our expectations. The movie is a masterpiece full of gorgeous visuals, colorful schemes, amazing plot, and a magnificent soundtrack produced and made by none other than rapper Kendrick Lamar. All together, the movie is one no one should miss; it is history in the making, and everyone should be apart of the gloriousness that is Black Panther.