Track Coach Teaches While Inspiring Students to Reach Full Potential


Coach Siegel prefers to stand up and walk around while teaching because he likes to stay active and healthy. (photo by Casey Carter)

“He knows a lot about historical events,” junior Caroline Carlisle said.

Coach Larry Siegel has had some interesting events happen in his classroom, such as a student passing out from intoxication. The student had all A’s but one day came in and just fell asleep, or so everyone thought. About thirty minutes into class he threw up and passed out, so Coach Siegel called 911 and as it turns out the kid was very drunk.

“It’s enjoyable most of the time, probably 90 percent of the time,” he said about his teaching experience at Central.

Siegel only has one junior US history class; the rest are sophomore World history classes. He said the two grades, even though they are so close in age, are very different in the classroom setting.

“I like teaching juniors more so than sophomores,” Siegel said. “There is a big difference in the maturity level.”

He has also had some of his athletes go on to get scholarships to amazing colleges. Besides teaching, he also trains the track and cross country teams of Central.

In the past five years Coach Siegel stopped coaching football, while remaining the coach of track and cross country, in order to spend more time with his family and his grandchildren.